Customer services

Service Centre

The Service Center based in Moncalieri (TO) is no longer operational.

Customer service activities will be carried out by the following Service Centers:


The customer who intends to file a complaint can do so according to the following procedures:

  • by telephone at n. 011 6650311 requesting the General Secretariat
  • by e-mail to the address
  • by letter addressed to: “Autostrada dei Fiori Spa – Tronco A6, Via Bonzanigo, 22 – 10144 Torino”
  • by fax to n. 011 6650303

The company shall reply to all motivated claims within 30 days from the date of registration of the customer’s communication. If longer periods are required, the company shall inform the customer within the 30 days term.

If the processing of the complaint requires more time, the company will inform the customer within the terms indicated above.


The company guarantees refunds due to over-payed toll charges after having verified the customer’s complaint.

Refund times depend on processing times and are set within 10 days from the date of registration of the customer’s communication.


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Credit receipt

The self service toll, due to a lack of coins, banknotes or due to technical problems, may not deliver the change. In this case, the problem is automatically signaled to the customer with the emission of the transit certificate labeled as “PROOF OF CREDIT” and the amount of change not received.
This receipt has no expiry date and can be cashed at the stations or by bank transfer sending the original receipt to:
Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A.
Via della Repubblica 46, 18100 Imperia

Useful Contact Info

Information and Assistance Toll Payment

Toll non-payment
Phone +39 0183 7071 select Tronco A6 (key 2) and select option 3

Contracts and tenders
Phone +39 0183 7073420

Control Operations Center (C.O.C.)
Ph: +39 0119713182
fax: +39 0119713927

Roadside assistance
ACI 803116
VAI 803803
IMA 800613613

NUE (Unique Emergency Number) 112