Motorway tolls

The motorway toll is the amount due the customer must pay for using the highway.
Toll earnings are destined to recovery the investments made in the past or for

future investments, to bear modernization and innovation costs and for the management and good maintenance of the road network.


The toll is calculated by multiplying the kilometers made by the customer for the unitary fee set by the concessionaire, to which taxes and surcharges are added according to the laws in force. The final amount of the toll is then rounded up to ten euro cents (DIM no. 10440/28/133 of 12.01.2001 Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the Ministry of Economy and Finance). Rounding is applied automatically without any discretion from the Concessionaire.

The unitary fee is commensurate with the characteristics of the infrastructure (plain or mountain roads) and the vehicle used according to the classification system which is currently in use, also known as assi-sagoma.

Each year the fee is adjusted according to the current revision formula, through a Decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport together with the Ministry of Economy and Finance in compliance with the Convention between the Concessionaire and the Concessionary Authority.

How to pay tolls

The toll can be paid in cash at the motorway’s exits with collector agents or at automatic cashiers; The main foreign currencies are also accepted but only at booths with collectors agents and the change is given in euros only.
Besides cash, additional payment systems are accepted:

  • Telepass: it’s an electronic device placed on the vehicle which allows automatic toll payment without stopping at the motorway exit. It can be used only at exits marked with yellow signs on the ground and with its specific road signs.
  • Viacard: it’s a prepaid card which may be charged with different amounts: € 25,00, € 50,00 and € 75,00 and can be purchased at Service Centers and immediately charged. It can be used until the credit runs out and throughout the entire Italian network. At all toll booths, a €25 Viacard can be purchased without invoice.
  • Viacard-Bank Account is a magnetic card with no expiration date which charges your toll fees directly on our bank account every month.
  • Credit Cards (Visa, Eurocard / MasterCard, Aura, American Express, Diners, Cashier), Postamat and Bancomat with Fast-Pay functionality are also accepted.


In compliance with the agreement between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and the motorway companies, commuters using Telepass system may have a toll discount up to 20%.

The discount came into force on February 1, 2014 and was extended throughout 2016 and cannot be combined with other benefits or initiatives.

To request the discount, accessing the Telepass Club – the reserved area of , or request your discount at Blue Point / Services Centers.

  • Who is eligible to request the benefit

The benefit is reserved to individuals (*) who own a Telepass device (Telepass Family or Telepass Business) or owners of prepaid and rechargeable Telepass devices.

In order to benefit of the discount, the Telepass device must be registered to Class A vehicles (Motorcycles – 2 Axis Vehicles with maximum height equal to 1.30 meters, measured at the front axle – only high-speed motorcycles having at least 150cc are allowed on the highway)

Telepass users are eligible for the discount if, within a month and for more than two times a day:

  • they drive following a specific motorway route having with maximum distance of 50 km between the entrance and exit station, as declared at the time the discount was requested);
  • they use the toll booth declared at the time the discount was formally requested.

The routes / toll booths for which the discount is available can be found on .

(*)The benefit is reserved for Telepass customers who have signed a Telepass contract specifying their fiscal code. In order to be eligible for benefits, all transits must be registered on the same Telepass device. Service Companies and Transporters Consortium are excluded from the benefit

The benefit is applied for maximum two journeys per day, including holidays and cannot be combined with other toll incentives / initiatives.

  • How to request the benefit

to request benefits, you must register on “Telepass Club”, the www.telepass.itpersonal area, or fill out the form available at any Punto Blu or Service Center.

At these offices will be given a list of routes/toll booths among which you may choose.

You can proceed in registering your name to a single Telepass device which will be associated to a specific rout/entrance/exit station on which the discount will be applied.

  • How the benefit is calculated.

The benefit is a reduction of the toll in different measure: starting from 1% (for 21 registered transits/month) up to a maximum of 20% (for 40 registered transits per month).

Up to 20 monthly transits, no discount is applied. Starting from the 21st transit, the discount will be 1% on all transit transactions and will grow linearly (2% of the total toll for 22 transits, 3% for 23 transits and so on) up to a maximum 20% discount on the total toll for 40 transits. Starting from the 41° transit until 46°, the discount will always be of 20% on all journeys. For additional transits, you will pay the full rate.

The discount amount is rounded on the single passage at euro cent. The reduction is applied for a maximum of two transits per day, including holidays.

The discount will be calculated at the end of the month and can be checked in the following invoice.

The benefit is retroactive, IE. it will be valid starting on the first day of the month on which you registered.


As per law requirements

In accordance with art. 373 of P.R. Decree N. 495of 16.12.1992, paragraph 2, the following are exempted from toll payment:

a) Police vehicles labeled “police” and “A.N.A.S.”;

b) Carabinieri vehicles with plate C. C having the vehicle registration document provided by the Ministry of defense.

c) C.R.I. vehicles and vehicles of voluntary associations and non profit authorities involved in assistance activities and having the appropriate tab as required by Decree of the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Works

d) vehicles with plate V.F., as well as Fire department vehicles of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano;

e) G.d.F. vehicles;

f) C.F.S. vehicles;

g) PENITENTIARY POLICE registered vehicles;

h) military forces vehicles used in assistance and rescue actions (ambulances, rescue, etc.);

i) military vehicles used in case of emergency and natural disasters and civilian vehicles, both Italian or with foreign plates, which, formally recognized by their respective States are being used to transport of basic necessities and aids to the population in case of natural disasters or war actions. These vehicles must have a specific certificate issued by competent authorities;

j) vehicles of officials of the Interior Ministry, ANAS vehicles, M.C.T.C. vehicles, the General Department for the road traffic and safety vehicles and Italian Public Works Ministry vehicles.

CP vehicles (port authority) and the mechanical emergency vehicles allowed in case of intervention from our headquarters are also exempted from toll payment.


In case of missed payment (in total or partially), you will receive a receipt of missed payment. The receipt will include the vehicle’s data (class and plate number), transit data (date, time, motorway exit and, if possible, motorway’s entry station) and the amount due.

The toll can be paid with no surcharge, within 15 days from the date of issue. If the payment is made after the specified date, the amount will be increased by €2.58 to recover collection costs (article 176/11 bis, highway code).

In the case of missed payment, the documents may be forwarded to the Traffic Police Fines Office for further appliance of administrative fines in compliance with art. 176/11° and 21° paragraph of the Highway code, due to the violation of the obligation to pay tolls (the fine requires the payment of €85.00 up to €338.00 and the loss of 2 points from the driver’s license).

The non payment of the toll, will determine the forcible recovery of the amount owed with a consequent increase of expenses paid directly by the debtor (article 373 C.d. S).

It is hereby given that: “Drivers without entrance ticket, or who misuse the control systems, will have to pay a toll which will be calculated considering the farthest entrance station of the highway and his vehicle’s class. The user is given the option of evidence at the entry station.” (article 176 paragraph 16 C.d. S)

Payment can be made:

  • on line
  • At Albenga’s highway service center at the toll station. To know the opening hours visit the Service Center page;
  • At the motorway’s stations or affiliated companies’ Service Centers (reciprocal agreement for the collection of unpaid tolls);
  • • At all post offices by depositing the amount due on postal account n° 264184 assigned to:
    Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A. 103 – 18100 Imperia (I) specifying the vehicle’s plate number and the missed payment ID number.
  • Via bank transfer on the bank account assigned to Autostrada dei Fiori S.p.A., BPER Banca via Giuseppe Berio 2, 18100 Imperia (I), – IBAN  : IT32C0538710502000047224176 – BIC : BPMOIT22XXX, specifying the vehicle’s plate number and the missed payment ID number.
  • For any further information please contact the Tolls Office:
    Fax: +39 0183/7075380
    toll free number 800360335


The following motorway concessionaires have signed an agreement to facilitate the payment of missed tolls (RMPP), which can be made both on manual booths with collector agents, or at one of the following Service Centers:

• A4 Torino-Milano (SATAP A4)

• A5 Torino-Ivrea-Quincinetto (ATIVA)

• A5 Quincinetto-Aosta (SAV)

• A10 Savona-Ventimiglia-Confine di Stato (AdF)

• A11 Viareggio-Lucca (SALT)

• A12 Sestri Levante-Livorno (SALT)

• A15 Parma-La Spezia (AutoCisa)

• A21 Torino-Piacenza (SATAP A21)

• A33 Asti-Cuneo (AstiCuneo)


• Sistema tangenziale Torino (ATIVA)

• A7 Serravalle Milano (Serravalle)

• A50 Autostrada Tangenziale Ovest di Milano (Serravalle)

• A51 Autostrada Tangenziale Est di Milano (Serravalle)

• A52 Autostrada Tangenziale Nord di Milano (Serravalle)

• A58 Autostrada Tangenziale Est Esterna Milano (TEEM)

• A6 Autostrada Torino-Savona

• A32 Torino-Bardonecchia (SITAF)

Payment at Manual tollbooths

At manual toll booths, missed payments may be paid only if issued not more than 15 days before and with an entry station other than “888” (es.: those for which you have lost your ticket). The debt collector cannot accept partial payments.

Missed payment payed at service centers

Missed payments receipts (RMPP) can also be payed at our service centers, even RMPPs issued more than 15 days before.


Vehicles have been classified in five fare classes A – B – 3 – 4 – 5

The single fare rates are regularly updated following the revision formula which considers 70% of the real inflation rate of the last 12 months, together with the return of investments for new works.

Class A
Determination of the vehicles characteristics.
1. Motorbikes
2. 2-axle vehicles with maximum height equal to m. 1.30 at the first axis.

Figurative representation


Motorcycles with150 cc or greater. Sidecars from 250 cc. or greater.
Cars, Lorries, Vans, Trucks.

Class B
Determination of the vehicles characteristics
2-axis vehicles with height 1.30m at the first axis.

Figurative representation


Autobus, auto-caravan, autocarri.

Classe 3
Trolley cars or single axle caravans.
Buses, lorries, vehicles articulated in 3 axes.

Esemplificazione figurativa


Esemplificazione descrittiva
Autovetture con carrello o caravan ad un asse.
Autobus, autocarri, autoarticolati a 3 assi.

Class 4
Determination of the vehicles characteristics
vehicles with 3 axes.

Descriptive representation


Trolley cars or single axle caravans.
Buses, lorries, vehicles articulated in 3 axes.

Class 5
Determination of the vehicles characteristics
vehicles with 5 or more axes.

Figurative representation

Lorries and articulated lorries with 5 or more axes.