Payment systems

How to pay tolls

The toll can be paid in cash at all exits with collector agents and at automatic cash machines.
The following foreign currencies also accepted; the change is given in euros.
In Autostrada dei Fiori the following foreign currencies are accepted::
– Danish krone;
– Norwegian krone;
– Swedish krone;
– Canadian dollar;
– USA Dollar;
– Swiss franc;
– Pounds.
On the Autostrada dei Fiori, as well as in most of the Italian highways, you can also use additional non-cash payment systems.
These systems, thanks to the IT and electronics progress, guarantee easier and fast payment transactions at the toll booth with no additional fees.

These systems are:
– which can be used at all booth stations with yellow markings and a specific sign;
– which can be used at all toll booths with collector agents as well as at automatic machines;
– valid credit cards (VISA, EUROCARD/MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, AURA, POSTAMAT, RESSA) or ATM Fast-Pay cards, which can be used at all toll booths with collector agents as well as at automatic machines.

We kindly recommend you to keep at hand your card before beginning your journey. Except for bank cards, Service Centers will be glade to provide you with all the information regarding the best electronic payment method depending on your necessities.

Self-service cash machine.

The self-service machine toll booth, is designed so that the customers can easily manage payment operations by inserting the entrance ticket, paying in cash the amount due and collecting any further change.

It also accepts electronic cards (Viacard, fast pay and credit cards such as: “Diners” American Express “,” Visa “,” Mastercard/Eurocard”).
If you began to pay a toll in cash, you can complete the payment by using a pre-paid Viacard for the rest of the amount due and vice versa. You cannot complete a cash payment using a Viacard associated to a bank account nor credit cards.

The self service machine, in case of a lack of cash or due to technical problems, might not deliver change.
In this case, the problem is automatically signaled to the customer with the emission of a receipt labeled “PROOF OF CREDIT” and the amount of change not received.

The receipt may be shown for refund:
– at a toll collector agent;
– at the highway’s service center of Albenga
– by sending it at the Autostrada dei Fiori Main Offices – via della Repubblica 46 – 18100 Imperia IM- indicating the bank account on which the change must be deposited.

The credit receipt does not expire and can be used for future transits at manual tolls.


It’s an electronic device which, placed on the vehicle, allows automatic payment of tolls without stopping at the toll booth. It can be requested at the Autostrada dei Fiori Service Center with different functionalities:
1) associated to a VIACARD – you must already have a viacard account – available for both individuals and legal entities;
2) Family TELEPASS – available only for individuals with vehicles used exclusively for passenger transport..

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On behalf of an annual membership fee of 15,49 €you may request a special Viacard which has no expiration date and has no toll limits because tolls are charged directly on a Bank account with monthly billing.
The annual membership fee is increased by 3,10 € for any further card requested in addition to the first. You can request the Viacard directly at your bank, if affiliated, by signing the application form or by contacting your credit card issuer.

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It’ s a pre-paid card which can be recharged with 50,00 €. You can purchase it in cash or by debit and credit card at the highway’s Service Center and you will receive immediately the bill. A 25€ Viacard is also sold at all toll booths but can be payed in cash only and without issuing any invoice. This kind of card can be used until it’s has money on it and it’s valid throughout the Italian highway system.