Safety and driving license penalty points

The customer, in compliance with the highway code, should drive responsibly and carefully, helping to achieve a high quality service. In particular, he must:

  • travel on the right side of the road. Use the left lane only when overtaking;
  • always keep safety distances and keep the lights on;
  • In case of mechanical failure, never stand in the tunnel but if possible walk outside and reach the first emergency stand, service area or parking area available;
  • If you feel drowsy stop at the first available stand, gas station or parking lot;
  • do not use your mobile phone while driving, especially in case of heavy traffic, bad weather conditions and in all situations which require special attention;
  • In case of puncture or damage to a wheel DO NOT stop on the road, but reach the first stand, even with a flat tire or with a damaged rim: it’s better to deteriorate a tire than risking an accident.
  • while driving do not look for objects in your pockets, drawers or, worse, do not try to pick up fallen objects on the car’s floor: Stop at the first rest area;
  • do not throw anything out of the window: it’s not simply forbidden, but it’s dangerous for other drivers as well. It also litters the roads. There are specific containers at every emergency and rest area;
  • reduce your speed according to traffic, weather and visibility conditions.

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