Safety Tutor

Safety Tutor

Tutor is an innovative system which measures the average speed of vehicles.
The system was developed by Autostrade per l’Italia and made available to the Italian Highway Police, who by law are the only body tasked with using the system to monitor and sanction infractions.

Pursuant to Article 208 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 285/1992, tickets are issued by and paid directly to the state and therefore do not benefit the motorway companies in any way.

Tutor automatically performs checks which would otherwise require numerous daily patrols, which can instead be used for services where human intervention is essential, such as rescue, checks on road accidents, checks on dangerous goods etc.
The system offers motorists protection by using the strictest security standards for the communications channels, and data protection in line with strict Italian privacy standards.
Tutor operates completely independently of whether a Telepass is present on board or not.


Tutor uses sensors and portals with video cameras to measure average vehicle speed along sections of motorway varying in length between approximately 10 and 25 km.

The average speed is calculated on the basis of the travel time: the system monitors all traffic and records the time at which vehicles pass beneath the portals at the start and end of each monitored road section.
Data on vehicles whose average speed does not exceed the allowed limit is automatically discarded.
Unlike traditional systems, Tutor allows detection of excessive speed as an habitual driving behaviour, and is also able to operate in any and all weather and light conditions (at night, in the rain, in fog with visibility down to 30-40 metres).

Once Tutor has detected a violation, it is validated by a police agent and the
department of motor vehicles archive is interrogated to obtain the registration details. The ticket is then printed out and signed, and the data sent via computer system for the procedure of notifying the offender to be performed.
Warning signs have been installed on all sections with Tutor for prevention and transparency purposes.

Tratte soggette a Tutor – Carreggiata SUD

Tratta Progr. Inizio Progr. Fine Distanza
Carmagnola-Marene km 14+488 km 33+487 18,930 km
Altare-Savona km 118+524 km 122+555 5,277 km

Tratte soggette a Tutor – Carreggiata NORD

Tratta Progr. Inizio Progr. Fine Distanza
Millesimo-Ceva km 91+103 km 85+079 6,088 km
Marene-Carmagnola km 33+487 km 14+488 18,944 km