Motorway A6 opens to traffic tomorrow (Nov, 29) at 11 am between Millesimo – Savona and Altare – Savona

Tomorrow, Friday 29 November at 11 am, the Millesimo – Savona and the Altare – Savona stretches of Torino-Savona motorway will again be open.

Especially, in the area affected by the landslide that occurred last Sunday, 24 November, traffic will proceed for about 1 km in both directions on the southern carriageway along the “Rio Valletta” Viaduct.

In fact, the technical checks and continuous monitoring carried out by the Civil Protection on the mountain from which the unexpected landslide came off, moving up to 30,000 cubic metres of material, have proved that there have been no landslides movements during this phase, which might represent a potential risk for the motorway and for personnel involved in the restoration works.

Autostrada dei Fiori has carried out all the structural stability checks of the “Rio Valletta” viaduct as well as the geological tests of its foundations, acquiring the technical assessments attesting to the stability of the motorway work following the landslide and the geological results confirming the stability of the foundations.

The reopening of Altare – Savona stretch will be regulated by a Traffic Plan: the monitoring system managed by the Civil Protection will record in real time any changes in the status of the area and, in case of lack security, advising the concessionaire who will immediately interrupt traffic.

Furthermore, Autofiori will add to this a DMS multi-parameter monitoring system, already used for avalanche alarm systems, in order to continuously detect any movements and automatically close the access to the Rio Valletta.

The reopening of this stretch has always been a priority of all parties involved and it has been made possible by the joint work of the Prefecture, Fire Department, Civil Protection, Police Department, Region, Province and Autostrada dei Fiori technicians who worked to make safe the area and ensure the restoration of the road in a short time.

In the meantime Autostrada dei Fiori has already begun all the preliminary activities for the reconstruction of the “Madonna del Monte” viaduct, which will be completed in about 3 to 4 months from the obtaining of required authorisations.